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Property Management

Residential Management

Our real estate professionals understand the unique challenges facing residential property investors.  From ever-changing laws to rental market trends, we offer unparalleled insight into renting residential property.  We are actively involved in all stages of leasing your property, including market analysis, advertising, showings, conducting background checks and preparing lease agreements.  In addition to highly-qualified real estate agents, we have on-board the area’s premiere real estate attorneys during the lease negotiating and drafting process.  We remain dedicated to securing quality tenants, ensuring a profitable return on your investment.

Farm Management

Our farm management services provide expertise and experience to farmland owners. From legal changes affecting agriculture, such as legislation, regulations, and taxation, to detailed market analysis, we offer unparalleled insight into maximizing revenue.  Services include operator selection, lease analysis and negotiation, income collection, market analysis, and general oversight of the landlord/tenant relationship. Through world-class education, detailed local and national agricultural market analysis, and foot-on-the-ground method, we stand at the cutting-edge of industry trends, leveraging this insight to ensure maximum returns.