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The Auction Advantage

Auctions are an excellent option for Sellers looking for a definite sale in a short period of time at the “true” fair market value.  Also, auctions eliminate the negotiation process and countless showings to prospective buyers.  We offer two options to auction your property:

Open Cry “Live” Auctions

Bidders openly and competitively bid to the auctioneer.  These are often emotionally driven and effective methods to obtain the highest price.  Our team of experienced agents play an integral role in securing additional and incremental bids.

Sealed Bid Auctions

Bidders simultaneously present sealed bids to the auctioneer.  The highest bidder is usually declared the winner of the bidding process.  Sellers also have the option of permitting bidders to increase their bids. One unique and important factor to the sealed bid process is that no bidder knows how much the other auction participants have bid; thus, qualified and interested bidders often submit bids that are beyond what may have been required in an open cry auction.

Auctions are often an excellent method for selling agricultural, residential, and commercial real estate.  Contact us to discuss your unique situation.