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Title Insurance 101

Title InsuranceWhat is Title Insurance?

In effect, title insurance protects owners against future claims of ownership in the property.  A claim may exist against the land on which the buyer purchases resulting from an heir of a former owner, a forged signature or error, a divorced spouse, unsatisfied judgments, or unpaid taxes, among other threats.  Because of the hidden nature of these claims, many of these possible claims cannot be disclosed upon even the most careful examination of the public records.  Title insurance protects you in that, if any such claim against the title arises, you are protected against any loss up to the full amount of the policy, including costs of defending against such claim in court.

What Are The Costs?

Unlike most insurance policies, which require periodic payments, a title insurance policy is a one time, flat fee paid at the time of closing.  To further premiums…No further costs.

Where Do I Buy Title Insurance?

Premiere Land Services, Inc. works directly with O. H. Vivell Title Insurance Co., a Member of Attorneys Title Guaranty Fund.  The owners of Premiere Land Services also own O. H. Vivell, thus streamlining the title insurance process and ensuring expedited service. If you chose another title company, Premiere Land Services can work with the title company to ensure the property policy and timely service.